Friday, July 4, 2008

What Makes a Good Stand Up Meeting?

In Scrum, Stand up meeting is called daily scrum. It's very important to prompt the team members' communication, and helps Scrum Master know about the process of development. As its name implies, the meeting should be hold daily and ask everybody to stand.

In normal, during the daily scrum, each team member should provide the answers to the following three questions:
1. What did you do yesterday?
2. What will you do today?
3. Are there any impediments in your way?

The daily scrum meeting is a statue check where the team meets and updates each other about what's going on. It provides the daily focus on the work being done:
1. Same time and place
2. Avoids overhead of finding a place daily
3. Avoids overhead of team trying to figure out where and when is today's meeting
4. Let's chicken's know where and when
5. No more than 30 minutes
6. Scrum Master asks pigs three questions
7. Scrum Master is responsible for making the decisions
8. Scrum Master is responsible for noting and solving work impediments
9. All discussion other than replies to 3 questions deferred to later meeting

Though it is very short, but very important. So scrum master should try one's best making the team's daily scrum good. Marcie Jones give some tips about Daily Scrum Meeting:
1. Don't be late yourself.
2. The meeting needs to start on time.
3. If #1 and #2 really can't happen, experiment with different meeting times.
4. Cut off inappropriate discussions.
5. If the updates are too vague, ask question.
6. Ask your team permission to keep trying it daily for say, one more iteration while you try to fix these problems.

Do you agree with these opinions? Do these ways really help scrum master improve the quality of daily scrum meeting? Please try it!