Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sprint #2 not Good

In our retrospection meeting on Thursday, I pointed out some issues during the Sprint #2 this month.

1. Sprint Backlog was not exact. Product Owner in our team was not familiar with Scrum and how to analyze the business functions. So we can't do Product Backlog well, I mean, the category and decomposition of backlog items is not good. We didn't find the best way to describe and find out the backlog items we can handle. It was the source of everything couldn't go on well. Without good Product backlog, it was impossible to have the correct Sprint Backlog.

2. The estimate of workload was not exact. In fact, you could never estimate the workload of your project correctly. But you should try your best by using your work experience and skill. If you couldn't make a decision or had no confidence, you should make use of the knowledge of your team members. For example, you should lead your members to estimate the time using planning poker like Henrik Kniberg said in Scrum and XP from the trenches.

3. No effective tracking of task. In Sprint Planning meeting, we assigned the backlog items and tasks to everybody in our team. Then we inputted the information into the Sprint backlog file. But Scrum Master involved in too many trivial issues so that he had no time to track the process of development. The only one way is Daily Meeting. The result is not good because we had no visible policy to represent the status of the task whether it was completed or not.

Something need to changed! Yes, we have to do.