Tuesday, March 31, 2009

QCon Beijing Will Be Open

QCon is Enterprise Software Development Conference for the leader of group, architect, project manager and senior software developer. The area it focuses on cover through Architecture Design, SOA, Agile, Case Study, etc. QCon is hosted by InfoQ. Since March, 2007, it has been hold four times in London UK, San Francisco USA. Upcoming conference will be hold in Beijing, China during April 7 to 9.

In QCon Beijing, Some of speakers include:
Rod Johnson: Spring Creator;
Martin Fowler: Author of the great books "Analysis Patterns" and "Refactoring", The Chief Scientist of Thoughtworks;
Randy Shoup: eBay senior architect;
Jeff Bar: Amazon Cloud Computin architect;
Dylan Shiemann: Dojo Toolkit founder;
Floyd Marinescu: Author of "EJB Patterns", InfoQ and TheServerSide founder;
Mao XinSheng: IBM China Web 2.0 chief architect;
Li Wei: Siments China Research Center chief architect;

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